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Democratizing open data through our partnership with Link Digital to bring Open Source CKAN to every city and town in the US Mid-Atlantic States.

Organizations deserve data sharing solutions that are platform agnostic, affordable, easy to implement and maintain.

data sharing and GOVERNANCE as a service (DaaS)

We believe data should be democratized, and that every agency, regardless of size, should have access to affordable, license-free, and platform agnostic open-data solutions.

Open data and data governance enables organizations to optimize how they integrate, use, share, and publish their data internally and externally with their communities, citizens, and their peers. With the growing mountain of data that organizations collect, from smart-city data streams to videos of community meetings to public safety reports, information and operating managers are looking for tools to help them stay ahead of the curve and add value to their communities.

Located in the Research Triangle Park

Chances are, being in the Research Triangle Park in Raleigh, North Carolina means we are right in your backyard, JMH Associates are experts in developing and delivering data governance, analytics, and open data solutions. Our specialty is providing right-priced open data solutions to public sector and nongovernmental organizations that need better tools to integrate, manage, and publish data,.