The Future of Data Transparency: Open Data pioneers will gather in Boston for Innovation Enterprise’s Open Data Innovation Summit: June 11 & 12

The Open Data Innovation Summit will unite thought leaders and open data activists that are utilizing freely available data. The summit is taking place at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston on June 11 & 12 and will combine keynote presentations with interactive workshops and countless networking opportunities.

Last week, President Barack Obama enacted the nation's first Open Data law that will require federal agencies to publish their spending data in an accessible format. The Open Data movement truly begins now.

The Open Data Innovation Summit arrives in Boston on June 11 & 12 and will explore new opportunities resulting from the large amounts of open data available now and also data that has the potential to become freely available.

Combining three general themes, the summit will see keynote presentations with interactive sessions to maximize participation between attendees. The summit will explore ‘Open Data Innovation,’ from projects, implementations and use cases, to challenges and successes. Federal Giants will also present, sharing insight into ‘Big Data in Government’. Thirdly, attendees will hear from organizations that are using ‘Data for the Public Good,’ and how these new initiatives can benefit society as a whole.

Amongst the stellar line-up Open Data Innovation will welcome Chaz Thomas, Open Data Coordinator at the New York City Fire Department (FDNY). Chaz has been actively involved in driving a number of the FDNY’s policy priorities that support data-driven engagement efforts. In his presentation, ‘Delivering Openness: A Fire Services Perspective,’ Chaz will share the FDNY’s journey to fulfilling their ambitious open data plan. Through encouraging stakeholder support and incorporating the perspective of the department’s newly established Analytics Advisory Board, FDNY’s Open Data Initiative delivers on a public commitment to promote accountability, enable economic development for the tech community, and stimulate the top minds in the data space.

Chaz will be joined by open data innovators from Zipcar, US Department of Energy, US Census Bureau, Bank of America, The New York Times & many more. “The Open Data movement is growing significantly”, said Chris Towers, Big Data Divisional Head at Innovation Enterprise. “The next steps are for individuals and organizations to understand the best practices for making the most out of the vast amounts of data now readily available.”

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