All Things Open to Feature World Class Open Data Panel


SEPTEMBER 26, 2016

Open Data will be a featured panel discussion at the All Things Open conference this year. With a new administration set to transition into place in January and multiple new initiatives starting at both the state and federal levels, the topic has never been more important. The session, which will take place Wednesday, October 26 at 1:30 pm ET, will feature some of the foremost experts in the world. The panel will be moderated by OpenDataSoft's Open Data Evangelist, Jason Hare.

Topics to be discussed will include:

  • The New Open Data Transition Report
  • Future opportunities for Open Data at the local and federal levels with the DATA Act
  • How the Open Data landscape is evolving, particularly through Demand Driven Open Data (DDOD)
  • Future opportunities in open data at the Federal and local levels
  • How the panel’s insights can help local governments create demand driven open data programs

The world-class lineup of panel members will include:

  • Joel Gurin- President and Founder, Center for Open Data Enterprise
  • Hudson Hollister – Founder and Executive Director, Data Coalition
  • David Portnoy – Founder, Demand-Driven Open Data
  • Tony Fung – Deputy Secretary of Technology, State of Virginia
  • Andreas Addison – Civic Innovator
  • Sam McClenney – Economist, RTI International
  • Caroline Sullivan – Wake County Commissioner

For more information please contact panel moderator Jason Hare at

Originally posted on the All Things Open Blog