Open Data Institute: All US Nodes Close

Are we convening a community? The US Nodes have voiced their opinion.

Second annual report celebrates hitting reach, influence and impact targets

The ODI has announced that it has been awarded a grant of $4.1m from Omidyar Network, aimed at creating value from open data across the world.

Most of the nodes in the US decided to close because the new unfranchise model from the ODI was not financially viable. Some nodes felt that the ODI was competing with their own nodes in regards to opportunities for working on open data tenders.

The former US ODI nodes have decided to convene a congress and create a network of nodes in the US that champion the "convening of a community" around open data.

A US Open Data Congress could define how to choose a platform provider, how to choose and evaluate business services around the open data programs and provide guidance beyond transparency. We leave that to the Sunlight Foundation. Data literacy training is sorely needed in every jurisdiction I have had the pleasure to consult. What constitutes a open data program is something that, so far, has been defined by Socrata through GovTech.

  • We need more voices to advocate the program over the platform. 
  • We want to stress diversity as one of our core principles as well as inclusivity.
  • Open Data Bill of Rights- an SLA between civil society and government
  • US Open Data Declaration of secession and independence - why do we need a US Open Data Congress
  • A Constitution- a set of principles that acts as a living document of what we believe and how we will make decisions

The ODI represents a valuable source of knowledge and research around open data for Europe. The US must look to its own laws, customs and culture to create something the represents our civil society and government.

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