Democratizing open data
through CKAN

Open Data software solutions should be affordable and easy-to-use for any size government or agency.

Right-Priced Open Data Software as a Service

Local governments, regardless of size, staff, and resources, can now leverage the power of Open Data.

We deliver a robust and reliable Open Data Publishing and Portal Platform SaaS Solution, CKAN, to local governments that works within local government budgets and comes with our experienced on-boarding, support, and training package along with Amazon’s powerful and secure back-end.

Priced to match the size of your municipality and for easy approval. All packages are billed annually.

Proven Solution with Rich Features

CKAN is an open-source, license-free software solution that enables organizations to efficiently aggregate, normalize, and publish their data to their audience. CKAN has been selected by local, state, and national governments around the world and has an active community of developers adding to its features, functions, and capabilities.

Features include:

  • Open API. CKAN’s Action API is a powerful, RPC-style API that exposes all of CKAN’s core features to API clients.

  • Data Storage. The CKAN DataStore extension provides an ad hoc database for storage of structured data from CKAN resources.

  • Extend. CKAN allows you to pick and choose or develop which features you want to use for your data portal.

  • Federate. CKAN's harvesting functionality can be used to pull in metadata from other data portals.

  • Upload and Store. FileStore allows users to upload data and image files.

  • Geospatial. Geospatial CKAN has advanced geospatial features, covering data preview, search, and discovery.

  • Metadata. A CKAN portal provides a rich set of metadata for each dataset.

  • Publish and Manage Data. An intuitive web interface allows publishers and curators to easily register, update and refine data sets.

  • Search. CKAN provides a rich search experience which allows for quick ‘Google-style’ keyword search as well as faceting by tags and browsing between related data-sets.

  • Them-able. You can customize the appearance of your CKAN portal.

  • Visualization. CKAN’s data previewing tool has a host of powerful features for previewing data stored in the DataStore.

On-boarding, Support, and Training

JMH is partnering with Link Digital, one of the world’s leading CKAN developers, to customize a solution for local governments and their agencies. JMH brings years of experience in providing governments with data governance, implementation, integration, analytics, project management, and publishing expertise.

Link Digital’s commercial partner program brings specialist CKAN hosting, support and integration services into the range of more clients, supporting the expansion of enterprise open data solutions upon which Governments, corporations and academic institutions rely.

Local knowledge and skills are a vital part of successful open data programs. The development of local capability is also an effective way to create meaningful change in an area of work which has a substantial opportunity to create public good.

JMH clients expect and deserve a transparent and efficient process for on-boarding, deploying, and supporting CKAN.

We host annual CKAN best practices and training events that are convenient for local governments to attend, where clients can learn, share, and build-upon the CKAN platform.

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