Data Governance and Data Management as a service (daas)

  • Manage open government data efforts including coordinating data reuse through APIs, create public data products, repositories, work flows and visualizations

  • Decrease the cost of managing data and increasing the value of the data available

  • Improve how the jurisdiction collects, uses, manages, and publishes data

  • Lead initiative efforts to track data collections, data purchases, databases, physical data models, and linkages between datasets

  • Improve data quality and how data quality is measured

  • Ensure data is available, reliable, consistent, accessible, secure, and timely to support the mission and activities of the jurisdiction

  • Align and standardize data models

  • Set up jurisdictional data-working groups

  • Create a project management methodology

  • Set up ongoing training and accreditation of staff and data sets according to the principles and standards of The World Bank and the Open Government Partnership

  • Provide ongoing support as the auxiliary open data team for the jurisdiction, ensuring institutional memory and sustainability

  • Services to Keep Clients Ahead of the Curve

  • Training Academies with our Instructors

  • Shared knowledge base

  • Network of local governments sharing best practices and use=cases

Data Risk Audit and compliance testing

Quarterly or Biannual data risk audit that includes review of documentation, training, personal data identification, compliance to policies, and other practices.

Contact us for pricing and scoping of your risk profile.

Data risk monitoring and mitigation Service

24/7 data risk remote monitoring, which includes audit, testing, compliance assurance, prevention, notifications, reporting, analytics, and remediation.

Using your existing platform(s) we can setup real and near real-time monitoring and notification through event triggers and early warning triggers.

Contact us for pricing and scoping of your risk mitigation plan.

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