Open Data: Jason Hare’s Story

This is an archive page that is still being listed by Google, Bing and others. Below you will find Jason Hare’s career highlights in open data.

Founder, Jason M. Hare Associates INC. 2016 to Present

JMH Associates INC is a cloud and platform agnostic company. Our Mission: Make Data (Re)usable.

Our Open Data projects span the Western and Northern Hemispheres: Town of Chapel Hill; Durham City and County; Durham Public Schools; City of Raleigh; Ireland’s Ministry of Reform, Colombia’s Ministry of Information and Communications, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, The Colorado Secretary of State’s Office and most recently with the MOTC Ministry of Qatar and separately with FSVC helping Tunisia develop an open data road map.

Built award-winning open data portal for Durham City/County and founded the North Carolina Open Data Institute Node, which served as a regional think tank on collaborative, cross-jurisdictional data initiatives. Wrote open data program guidelines for Colombia and coordinated with World Bank to implement program. Launched Open Ireland in collaboration with the Irish Reform Ministry; co-authored Ireland’s Open Government Partnership Submission.

Mentored at “GoCode Colorado,” the first statewide open data initiative “hackathon.”

Speaker at several venues including: the World Open Government Partnership Summit; National League of Cities; NC Digital Government Summit; Triangle Open Data Day; and Sunshine Week at Elon University. We work with NGOs, state, local and national governments on open data and data governance.

As the Founder and an Open Data Principal, I work on ETL operations, ERDs and Enterprise Data Architectures. I also advise on sound policies regarding the protection of PII data and ensuring the right of all people, including those differently abled, to have free and unfettered access to appropriate public data. My clients are partners in building a data sharing ecosystem.

Open Data Evangelist, OpenDataSoft 2015-2017

The collection and need for data continues to grow exponentially in organizations. Increasingly, data itself, decoupled and outside of the application, has values supporting organizational missions and activities. Data has more value if it is available, has ambient findability, and easily reusable. Open data is both public and commercial. Enriching data of our commercial customers through public data is essential to support their economic success.

OpenDataSoft has a clear a vision of how data is managed as an asset and how to deliver data-driven decision-making solutions to our customers. The Open Data Evangelist is the role primarily responsible for that vision. 

Managing data as an asset means improving links between data stores; making information and data easier to find online, making it easier for analysts and policy makers to quickly access and transform data into the new formats and knowledge. 

The Open Data Evangelist’s role is part data strategist and adviser, part steward for improving data standards and quality, part evangelist for data sharing, part technologist, and part developer of new data standards and practices.

Responsibilities include:

Improve how our customers collect, use, manage, and publish data.

Open Data Program Manager, Consultant, City of Raleigh 2012-2015

Raleigh is now a regional and international open data leader since he began consulting with the city in 2012. Through his Open Raleigh initiative, the City is sharing its policies, schemas and philosophy of “data as infrastructure” with city and county neighbors. The Town of Cary, the Town of Morrisville, Wake County, Durham County and the City of Durham are all considering or have passed open data resolutions based on the work of Open Raleigh. This cooperation is part of the Open Raleigh philosophy of regionalism as outlined in the Raleigh’s long-range vision for open data. This philosophy is unique among open data initiatives in the United States. Regionalism, as an open data best practice, is now becoming part of the national conversation through Raleigh’s partnerships. 


  • Open government is a process rather than an outcome. Open Raleigh is under development and will continue to evolve with experience and public input. A primary objective is a framework that supports a culture of openness and transparency and leads to an open government process.

  • Building and managing the project team and working with stakeholders both internally and externally to refine the final project scope.

  • Developing an open data governance structure to include the development and engagement of an oversight committee and steering committee.

  • Completing an inventory and release timeline for additional data-sets.

  • Citizens can engage with the city in a positive productive manner and the city can benefit from subject matter expert citizen participation.

  • The open data portal has potential to provide economic benefits in terms of local and regional companies developing mobile and web based applications that use this data.

  • Economic development may be stimulated by making data available at no cost or low cost to business interests and civic advocates.

  • Indirect economic benefits include attracting businesses to relocate due to enhanced transparency.

  • The Open Raleigh initiative includes regional municipalities and partners, further enhancing the value to surrounding communities, citizens and businesses.

Jason M. Hare, Founder of JMH Associates and Open Data Principal

Jason M. Hare, Founder of JMH Associates and Open Data Principal

Some of the Groups and Organizations Jason Hare and our Company works with and Supports.

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Open Data Program Manager, Consultant, Durham County 2013-2015

Jason worked as the open data program manager for Durham County. He has been interviewed and cited dozens of times for his philosophy on what open data means and the direction open data will go. Jason has a clear a vision of data managed as an asset and data-driven decision-making.

In his primary role he was responsible for putting the Durham County vision into action. In essence, managing data as an asset means improving links between silos of databases and data stores; making information/data easier to find online, making it easier for analysts and policy makers to quickly access and transform data into the new formats and knowledge. It means lowering the cost of consuming and using data because we keep having more data to manage.

Other Achievements 2012 to Present

His roles are part data strategist and adviser, part steward for improving data quality, part evangelist for data sharing, part technologist, and part developer of new data products. 

  • Speaker at several venues including the world Open Government Partnership Summit, The National League of Cities, North Carolina Digital Government Summit, Triangle Open Data Day, The Sunshine Week at Elon University 

  • Organizer of first Regional Data Jam attended by the White house OST 

  • Co-author of the Open Government Partnership Submission from Ireland 

  • Participation in the Open Government Partnership Open Data Working Group 

  • Creation of over a dozen national and international open data portals 

  • Successful launch of GoCode Colorado, the first ever state-wide “hackathon” tied to an open data initiative