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Imagine an open-data solution where you own the data. With no vendor lock-in. Without a software contract. Delivered and supported by a proven partner. Read about our Open Data Solutions to learn more.

Data as Infrastructure

Data as Infrastructure is how JMH Associates defines its mission. While our cities depend on reliable physical infrastructure, including pipes, roadways, power lines, and other assets, data has become equally important to our communities.

Our team is responsible for turning your data vision into a successful, defensible open data program. Managing data as infrastructure means improving links between lakes and oceans of data;

  • Making information/data easier to find online

  • Making it easier for analysts and policy makers to quickly access and transform data into the new formats, insights and knowledge

  • It means lowering the cost of consuming and using data because we keep having more data to manage

  • Engaging citizens and community advocates with transparent, timely, and relevant data

Data on your Terms

We believe open-source, license-free open-data is the right path for our clients. We have compared the most mature, robust, and low-risk open-data solutions in the market, and have invested our time behind an open-source solution that has been deployed globally for both small and large government organizations. With this platform, your community owns the data. In addition, our solution is right-sized to fit the budgets for most small and midsize towns and cities and counties across the USA.

We believe that data should be shared across communities to foster collaboration. With more communities publishing and sharing data in your region, it becomes easier for agencies and citizens to work across jurisdictions. Our annual Training Academies bring together open-data users across communities so they can learn, collaborate, and share best practices.

Expertise and Reliable Partnerships

Leveraging a cloud-based open source platform, we eliminate high cost licensing fees and quotas on the number of datasets and API calls. If the alphabet soup of acronyms is off putting, no worries. Your open data project will be built in partnership with one of our experienced open data advisors. While we support open source as our first choice we also support the solution you have in place now. If you have an existing platform our advisors can help you realize positive ROI on your open data investment.

The collection and need for data continues to grow exponentially in jurisdictions. Increasingly, data itself–outside of application–has values supporting jurisdictional mission and activities. Open data has even more value if it is readily available, easily found, and easily reusable for new applications.

Our role is part data strategist and adviser, part steward for improving data quality, part evangelist for data sharing, part technologist, and part developer of new data products.

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