(re)useful Data Solutions

All our Company's services and strategies are aimed at providing measurable business outcomes aligning to an open data strategy. Our Company Solution Engineers work with government executive teams, departments, agencies and ministries to map out open data strategies that create value and provide a path to citizen engagement and collaboration. Our Company is built on enabling collaboration between government and civil society. Our team of associates will work to turn your vision into a successful, defensible open data program. Managing data as infrastructure means improving links between silos of databases and data stores; making information/data easier to find online, making it easier for analysts and policy makers to quickly access and transform data into the new formats and knowledge. It means lowering the cost of consuming and using data because we keep having more data to manage.

Open Data

Organizations and governments working with us have a unique opportunity to follow best practices in open data publishing from the start. In other instances, ‘new’ data can mean identification of existing data-sets and mandating their release as open data. We help with aligning your strategy to the best data platform solution. We offer CKAN as a service but can work with any solution.

Data Governance

Data Governance as a Service (DaaS). Reasons that organizations want to implement a Data Governance Program: The need for a framework to mitigate risk in data-driven projects, to curb increasing costs related to poor quality data, and to handle regulatory compliance. JMH has DAMA/DmBok certified SMEs to handle your transition to a Data Governance program molded to your corporate culture.


Our associates have experience dealing with AMI metering data, IoT and SmartCity initiatives as well as building predictive models monitoring sensor performance. Our data integration practice works in tandem with our analytics practice. We work with OpenAPI standards to answer the questions you need from descriptive and inferential analysis to predictive and prescriptive modeling.